Yennefer of Vengerberg aˆ“ The Witcher 3 Voiced Standalone Follower SE

The aˆ?Serana Dialogue add-on’ area can make their feel much more immersive by expanding the woman dialogue choice and efficiency. She boasts over 3000 brand-new contours sang through great voice-acting and the ability to play lore-friendly tunes so that you constantly believe entertained.

All the brand new stuff this overhaul gives can undoubtedly making Serana feel a new companion with all the current items you like about the lady.

EFF aˆ“ Extensible Follower Structure

The aˆ?EFF’ mod do lots of incredibly of use features into the games like providing followers the ability to install ponies, chill out, dual-wield, collect specific things, and much more.

Exactly what truly can make this mod unique could be the amount cover enhance it gives on game. Unlike more mods, EFF lets you hire up to 100 followers at the same time. This will has a large effect on the method that you progress through online game and knowledge they.

Aurlyn Dawnstone aˆ“ The Reclusive Philosopher

She has a cool backstory that one can open during your trips together with her, whilst communicate with their at different areas through your playthrough. She is sold with over 1000 lines of custom-voiced discussions.

While Aurlyn do fairly well in near combat she truly excels at ranged problems. As a sorcerer, she’s use of the woman great amount of strong spells that will aid your better in conflict.

Serana and Claire

If you are a fan of Serana from base games but wants a general change in the girl look, this might be the mod for you.

Compared, to the other mod on this subject list, this package does little to alter Serana’s interior properties and efficiency. It’s a lot more of a visual upgrade than other things.

The mod in addition offers you the capability to create a standalone dynamics called Claire in place of replacing the Serana from base online game.

Pandorable’s Frea

This follower mod can be used to alter Frea through the vanilla video game or put a totally brand-new follower to the world of Skyrim.

The changes built to Frea are visual. If you prefer her as a partner, you should use this mod to give their a fresh search and keep activities new.

On the other hand, you could add an entirely newer NPC called Frida with the online game and make the woman their companion instead. Frida was a skilled archer which summons a spectral wolf to assist this lady in resist. She will be found inside Windpeak Inn in Dawnstar.

L u n a

If you’re looking for a raw partner infused with darker miracle for flavor of it, Luna could be an enjoyable latest option. She uses necromancy as this lady selection of secret and that can be outstanding friend if she is working for you.

Their strange influence and unsure characteristics could make this lady a really interesting vacation pal, causing you to carefully select the discussions with her.

Some mods on this subject listing try to keep their mods as lore-friendly and immersive as you are able to, this patch takes goes into a great latest course by bringing Yennefer from Witcher 3 for the Elder Scrolls market.

Yennefer try a fully voiced follower with high-resolution finishes. While becoming just like a lot of the Vanilla supporters of Skyrim, Yennefer gives many brand new flavor to your online game. She integrates in well however seems satisfyingly distinctive.

These are the 21 better follower mods that i came across to make the most useful utilization of the amazing follower system that Skyrim specialized model has to offer. Can you trust this checklist? Have you got any preferred follower mods that did not improve record? Tell us when you look at the review area below.